D.I.V. - O.D. 2 the gravesite (video)

yonkers, NY based D.I.V. (destiny in vision) is a hard working rapper and half of the duo so O.D. with his brother nuf sed. D.I.V. possesses a street-sharpened, hustle-weary flow that sounds like new york hip hop...the grit that you hear in the voices of NY rappers, whether they are rhyming about video games and comic books or selling yellow tops and blue tops. like many in the NY hip hop tradition, D.I.V.'s lyrics tell the story of triumph over struggle, in life and as a musician. musically, the production draws from mutliple styles, some of his tunes are sparser, while others, such as 'O.D. 2 the gravesite' feature the dramatic bells and machine gun hi-hats of southern "trap" style.

find out more on his website, see more videos on his youtube channel.


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