envision - easy and my girl (video)

envision, AKA taylor hodges, is a college student from grand rapids, michigan who wants you to hear his laid back, modern brand of bedroom hip-hop. production wise, envision rocks an up to the minute style, with 'whoas' and a smattering of auto-tune, reminiscent of chart climbing rappers such as drake. however, unlike drake, whose bad boy posturing rings hollow when you remember his star turn in 'degrassi: the next generation', envision's music is lyrically honest and down to earth. in the lyrics to 'easy' and 'my girl', he simply tells us about HIS life, and that's what makes them solid tunes.

i give him more props as well for the dorm room video/recording setting (honesty really is the best policy). this is the modern folk music of america, ya'll.

there's nothing but the youtube at the moment, but you can also follow him on twitter @hodgeytaylor.


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