FYH records - graveyard drug party and judy's funeral

i got a cool email the other day including some good tunes from piotr of poland's FYH records. he tipped me off to two new releases on the FYH imprint, i liked them both so i decided to do a double post.
       graveyard drug party's album 'paint your teeth' is a short angry blast even at 15 songs...most songs come in under two minutes. the music is chaotic noisy post-punk grunge with a rhythmic, riff heavy sonic approach that can't quite be hidden behind the discord. thematically they are working with what i imagine to be a bit of anger, nihilism, and even some whimsy, but i'm guessing, because the lyrics are in polish.

judy's funeral (i'm noticing a pattern here) delivers some solid psychedelic shoegaze on 'down deep' (think BJM's evergreen, not so much MBV) but with a chilly goth/industrial coldness throughout the production. 'lose yourself (in a dream)', the flip side of this release, shows the other aspect of the shoegaze genre, as it is basically feedback/reverb drone piece, ending with the sounds of nature, reminiscent of kevin shield's atmospheric ramblings.

go right here to name your own price for these and many more FYH digital releases or pay a reasonable price for them on cassette.


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