JproD - trill shit, i really mean that and a million feelings

JproD is an independent MC and producer with a solid, smooth flow and production skills that range from the streets to the charts.

i couldn't find too much information, but i believe the following two tracks are a taste of an upcoming full-length release. 'trill shit, i really mean that' reperesents the poppier, cross-over side of JproD's production style, with a mellow spacey track featuring reverbed out female vocals that flows like honey blunt smoke, more than it does bang. there is an interesting a capella breakdown in the middle of the tune featuring the hook about chicken wings (you'll see).

'a million feelings' has more of a trap sound, with rapid fire hi-hats, looped minor-key piano arpeggios, and swelling strings. JproD brings it a with a more aggressive flow on this track, but the themes are personal, continuing his mission of keeping it real.

check his soundcloud to here some more tunes.


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