pc worship - preach under cooked b/w mellow moon

i've posted a lot about brooklyn psychedelic golems pc worship and it's because they are one of my favorite bands. 'psychedelic' is an overused term in independent rock today, but j. frye and PC worship dig down to the sick pulsing heart of this tradition.

on this latest 7", out now on sophmore lounge records, they choose to embody a folkier, more appalachian side of the psychedelic tradition that they have recently. 'preach under cooked' is an unaccompanied acoustic guitar composition in the american primitive style, recorded with the crust of a cheap peaking microphone and played with a force that causes the strings to rattle and hum against the frets. 'mellow moon' is more typical of PC's style, a droning folk dirge with an ominous backcountry vibe and otherwordly singing.

buy the 7" for $5 right here. listen to and purchase more PC worship music here.


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