sam moss - no kingdom

'no kingdom' is the haunting and beautiful new release by prolific vermont based folksinger and string player sam moss. this album of shimmering strings and high lonesome singing takes the listener off to a chilly misty meadow on the side of an appalachian mountain at sunrise. sam moss handles the instruments of folk music deftly. fiddle, banjo, guitar, and mandolin sing out all over this album. with timeless lyrics, sung in a high, tired voice, this album would sound just as at home behind the crackle of alan lomax's suitcase tape machine as it does in the relatively crisp fidelity you hear here.

you can get the digital album for $7 or a limited edition CD for $12 right here. and when i said 'prolific' earlier, i meant it...look here to listen to any of the 11 other albums, EPs and 7"s moss has released since 2008.


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