slenko & hyde - back roads

pennsylvania's slenko & hyde pump out pleasant, eccentric lofi folk/anti-folk with banjos guitars, and the occasional air organ. i say 'pump out' because the bandcamp site for their loose recording collective, sioux trails records, where this release appears, has 20 + albums on it dating back to 2008. recording everything and releasing it all for free: it doesn't get much more 'modern folk music of america' than that.

download this and some of the other stuff for, you guessed it, free. i'm not gonna go claiming i listened to all of it, but i am gonna embed a highlight or two below.

'an articulated process' is a strange noise/folk excursion i liked quite a bit...

'recreational burials' is longform improvisations with guitar, drums and organ. and that's just the tip of the iceberg.


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