dziecka - wielkopowierzchniowe odgłosy lasów

i posted about polish drone/ambient act dziecka awhile back for the release of their polnocna korea EP. if you liked that, they have released quite a few recordings already for 2014 you ought to check out. featured among them is 'wielkopowierzchniowe odgłosy lasów', an LP which is available in digital and physical form. featuring a blend of repetitive melodies, prepared guitar drones, distorted soundscapes, and samples of 911 calls and other emergency related audio, among other harder to classify experimental touches,'wielkopowierzchniowe odgłosy lasów' creates a bleak and misty sonic atmosphere.

get the limited edition CDR with handmade packaging for $4.50 or the digital album for $1 right here. check out the merch page for a variety of other physical goods.


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