jaye jayle - ...it's jayle time

with '...it's jayle time', jaye jayle (AKA evan patterson) brings a sort-of concept album of sun damaged south western desert psych-folk. production is stripped down, reminding me just a little bit of the dusty clatter and stomp you hear in link wray's 'three track shack' era records, with the addition of some droning psychedelic flourishes. the aura of early beck/calvin johnson collaborations hangs around as well. the sound of the record and the narratives contained within the story-like songs are refreshing to hear and unlike many current releases, harkening back to a kind of sepia toned psylocybin outlaw time that never was.

this album has release scheme as unique as its sound. for now you can grab a digital version right here, but there will also be a series of three 45 rpm 7" singles released, each with two different selections from the album and each on a different label. the first is 'pull me back to hell' b/w 'evil windows', available on 1/21/14 on louisville, KY based sophomore lounge records.


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