shareef ali - i want to kiss death and reno

shareef ali is a singer/songwriter in the classic sense of the term. his tunes are confessional and evocative, produced in a refreshing, rustic manner. on songs varying from beer soaked rockers to sad eyed ballads, Ali's band backs him up with a road weary and bar/small venue tested comfort. harmonica and harmonies hang loosely around 'reno', a sparse pedal steel arrangement sails behind 'i want to kiss death'. the following two tunes appear on his next album, 'a place to remember the dead', which is due for release on 2/19/14.

listen to some of his older material right here. if you want to pick up a copy the night it comes out, Ali is playing a release show on 2/19/14 at bottom of the hill in san fransisco.


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