dead professional - i'm not the one

for a man who creates such austere and simple music, one might accuse john harouff AKA dead professional of working at a somewhat glacial pace, releasing a song every several months while keeping up a modest performance schedule, opening up for a handful of notable acts. one might make that accusation, but the wait for a new jam is always worth it. a case-in-point is his latest self described 'stomper' 'i'm not the one'. indeed this song boasts a knack-esque kick drum stomp and power-pop hammer-on chord chops, with just enough distortion, and an artsy droned out 'solo'. lyrically it's a meditation of an age old rock'n'roll trope that's always worth revisiting; that of the guy who feels he is unworthy of his lover, or who is using that as an excuse to let her down easy, probably so he can go brood alone on a snowy rooftop or deserted night time street illuminated by shallow pools of lamplight or something.

as usual you can find all the dead professional info you want, including live dates and more songs to stream, right here. there also seems to be a collection of DP demos available digitally for 5 bucks at the bandcamp.


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