daniel sage - wildlife

it's a good day here at MFOA, because i've been getting a lot of good stuff in the electronic mail, and this release from north carolinian daniel sage is no exception. recorded at memphis's famous ardent studios (THE SAME PLACE WHERE ALEX CHILTON MADE SISTER LOVERS!!!!!!!!!), sage's album 'wildlife' has a little bit of that chaotic pop-music-but-a-little-insane vibe that coated later big star releases, but it also seems to be informed by the best rock of the 90's. this album sways to the point of toppling but never does, and the songs go to good sorts of unexpected zones. the best part, daniel sage emailed me himself despite his high-profile recording circumstances, and the album is name-your-price. i wouldn't pass this one up. this tune 'angel's in the snow' is killing me right now. turns out the next tune, 'bless your health', is even better.

find out about tour dates and other business right here. get the album here.


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