billy mack collector - it's okay to carrot

'it's ok to carrot' the latest of many albums by prolific pennsylvania strange folkster billy mack collector might, in fact does, hold the record on MFOA for most song titles that end with an exclamation mark. elaine benes would hate it but i'm ok with it. the instrumentation on this album is highly variable, but hews to a tattered-quilt folk punk patchwork (mostly but not completely instruments you could take hitchhiking with you). the lyrics range from humorous to whistful, dealing with folk punk problems, like unreliable friends, riding on buses, finding cheap healthy foods, possibly in dumpsters, and moving to the woods, with or without anarchists.

name your price for it (and many more, with a lot of variety in the sounds...from sheet music programmed midi tones to rock 'n' roll) right here.


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