insomniac folklore - sleep in your car

'sleep in your car' is a live recording of travelling portland, oregon based folk/punk band insomniac folklore playing in stroudsburg, pennsylvania. it was recorded for a record label called funn folk sounds that is a fellow traveler with MFOA...the man behind funn folk sounds records all the DIY bands that come through his town on cassette, releases some and archives them all. like MFOA, his inspirations include harry smith and alan lomax. this particular release documents an energetic performance. insomniac folklore is a driving guitars and drums three piece characterized by dead-pan calvin-johnson-esque male vocals harmonized with sweeter female singing. the clipping, one mic cassette tape recording is perfect for the band's sound and the label's mission.

name your price for it here. also, i encourage you to check out all the other releases on funn folk sounds.