nocturnal poisoning - a wandering disappearance and clarity within your confusion

i really like this music from nocturnal poisoning, the work of a dedicated black metal man gone acoustic. i never really thought i'd get to say something sounded a little like some takoma style stuff mixed with emperor, but this actually does. precise but soulful layers of acoustic riffage that blend appalachian vibes with nordic darkness, accompanied by subtle touches of percussion. this music also evokes the more mysterious, stone henge-y vibes of 60's british folk such as pentangle and clive's original band, minus the hippy type lyrics. nocturnal poisoning is all about natural, dark and mystical moods.

the only place to listen to this stuff right now is youtube, so check it out here (youtube playlist contains some tracks by the man behind nocturnal poisoning's old electric band, xasthur).


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