junichi arima - 23 summit avenue/in your ear

in keeping with the sort of international theme, i'm excited to feature this one-two punch of an instrumental EP by japanese bassist and electronic musician junichi arima. '23 summit ave/in your ear' is arima's first release, but it sounds like he has been working with sounds for a long time. '23 summit ave' begins incoherently but come together in an satisfying way, like watching something break apart backwards as it settles into a groove that glows with a mellow warmth by the end of the tune. 'in your ear' is slightly more disorienting for its entire brief duration, but amira chooses to let that one break apart at the end, giving the short and sweet set a holistic feel. digging this one.

more on junichi arima can be found here. buy the EP here and here.


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