brother earth - out like a lion

another in the list of MFOA submissions that happen to be on the formidable hidden shoal imprint, brother earth combines the talents of producer and multi-instrumentalist todd tobias with the singing and songwriting of steve five of the library is on fire fame. i must admit that i was a little star-struck to receive an email from todd tobias, as he is known for producing several bob pollard/guided by voices records (as well as a record by my friend and MFOA contributor brock ginther's band king pedestrian)!

but enough about that stuff, this post is about this new effort. moody and atmospheric, 'out like a lion', the lead single from the forthcoming brother earth LP 'positive haywires', simultaneously drives forward while it oozes out around the edges. the song is anchored by an insistent clicking percussion track punctuated by swelling cymbals and a plucked classical guitar, fleshed out by various ambient touches, creating a dark mysterious room for the sleep-talking, trance-like vocal. a mystical freak folk trip. i am excited the hear the full LP, available from hidden shoal september 16th.

download 'out like a lion' for free right here.


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