c. strom - i have heard of a land

the second of two dying for bad music releases i am featuring today, c. strom's 'i have heard of a land', available on a limited edition of 50 cassettes packaged in recycled tourist maps of america, is a mysterious and lo-fi message from norway.

it reminds me of the novel 'amerika' by franz kafka, which he wrote after looking at a postcard with a picture of america, having himself never left prague. i don't know the extent of c. strom's travels but 'i have heard of a land' sounds like the american folk tradition filtered through distance and dusty re-discovered documents. lonely, lofi recordings, with that upright church vibe you get from the carter family, and dark, scandanavia meets appalachia explorations on the autoharp. complete with the sound of the tape machine being turned off.

pre-order it here.


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