shenandoah alley - s/t

i am very happy this morning to feature the full length debut from shenandoah alley, the hard driving, good time 'finger lickin, chicken pickin, mother fuckin' bluegrass band out of harrisonburg, va. this band is made up of some of my best friends. they have been together awhile keeping up an ambitious live schedule before finally recording this album.

the album has a perfect mixture of momentum and sentiment, with down-home songwriting and fast, rollicking traditional bluegrass musicianship, and listening to it has been making me a little misty to be honest, hearing familiar voices sing about the blue ridge mountains and where i'm from. there is a song on here sung by my actual brother, and a cover of a song by some other old band.

i might be a little biased but i recommend this one highly, especially if you are predisposed to like traditional bluegrass. get it here.


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