steve palmer - unblinking sun

minneapolis based guitarist steve palmer's new album 'unblinking sun' blends the ideas of american primitive style music as explained by john fahey with the sounds of kraut-rock in a cosmic manner unlike any i have ever heard. fitting that this album is due out on homemade CD on the label dying for bad music, and MFOA favorite and fellow traveler out of germany with a keen ear for the weird tentacles of the american folk tradition.

the first of two preview tracks, 'cassini', i imagine named for the satellite, sounds like a cosmic journey to end all journeys. starting with an incessant drum beat and guitar drone very reminiscent of NEU!, it builds into an interstellar swirl of reverbed-out finger-picked madness. the second track, 'six dollar sunglasses' is a more reflective acoustic fingerstyle number, with a large amount of overdubs creating a psychedelic atmosphere.

the album is due out 9/11/14. pre-order one of the limited edition of 70 or so right here.


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