a sad fairwell to the blue nile

the blue nile was a bar and ethiopian restaurant in harrisonburg virginia, but it was much more than that. it was a spiritual home and creative center for a small town's thriving music scene, made that way by the wonderful people that owned it, operated it, and hung out there. from acid folk to black metal to DJ nights, the nile and its staff supported everyone. it was a true home for DIY music and 'the modern folk music of america' it just closed. huge bummer. i worked there in 2008-2009 and played there many times. many fine memories. the fine folks at lurid pictures put together this sweet video in commemoration of the final night, set to the bittersweet cinnamon band jam, 'buena vista'.

Blue Nile (v1) from Lurid Pictures on Vimeo.

the closing of the blue nile made me think of the following two recordings, which were made during the time i worked there, and that i just added to practice records.

RIP nile.


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