ben clabault - a selection of songs

there is precious little information in ben clabault's internet presence, which is so rare at this point as to be refreshing. his soundcloud simply shows a picture of him in a sushi bar, says he's from amherst, and has a ton of songs. and the songs are great. complex in both lyric themes and songs structure but simple in presentation, these songs are charming and caught my ear immediately. the historical ballad 'sand creek', about the massacre of an entire village of cheyenne by the colorado militia, is moving and stark. the latest song, 'tonight', has a dark and brooding vibe. other tunes range from personal and romantic to political to just instrumental. it's all presented in the simplest man-and-guitar laptop recording style, putting you face to face with clabault's deadpan but tuneful loner
folk vocal style. i don't know what else to say about this except this kind of submission is the reason i started MFOA in the first place. highly, highly recommended. check out a few tunes below.

there are too many gems to post. go to ben's soundcloud and check out a bunch more songs.


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