nate henricks - apple juice

the excellent bedroom psych wizard nate henricks is back with 'apple juice', the follow up to his previous release 'neon for no one', a solid slab of lysergic lofi rock pastiche that rewards repeated spins of the cassette, released on crash symbols records.

'apple juice' builds on henrick's layered homemade power pop sound, at time reaching depths of heaviness unheard on the previous release. the sound collage approach of hyper-melodic jams dissolving into found sound space outs, and in the case of this album, some weird 8-bit, voice-pitched passages, remains. henrick's ear for a timeless rock melody has only grown stronger, as his ability to bury that melody under layers of weirdness. another one in the recommended column. 

get it here. nate is also getting some love from fellow travelers spacerockmountain.


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