the dog of the north - lo-fuckingtastic

the debut album 'lo-fuckingtastic' by ireland-based bedroom songwriter the dog of the north, is not only lo-fi but it seems to be lo-self-esteem, as the bandcamp tags include 'dog shit', 'fuck folk' and 'shit folk', and the email he sent me included a record low amount of self promotion (refreshing), something like 'oh, i might as well send you this i guess...'

well of course he was right to send it to me. i like this moody, atmospheric album of song sketches. the description on bandcamp hints at the fact that the sometimes improvisational recording was also a learning process, and paradoxically, an exercise in silence. these factors lend the album some interesting textures and unexpected moments. of course, the whole thing is kind of covered by a depressive cloud, but that's almost always a good thing with music, and it suits the dog of the north's distant, lofi loner folk well.

get it free here.


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