sapat - a posthuman guide to the advent calendar origins of the peep show

kentucky collective sapat is made up of a bunch of musicians from lousiville's fertile underground and their sound reflects a wide range of influences filtered through a very strange lens. there is a lot of eastern european elements, from krautrock guitar explorations to gypsy-jazz-folk woodwinds and old world operatic vocal flourishes.

there are also elements of prog rock and doomy sludge, strange chants and mystical incantations, psychedelic freakouts, yelps, howls, weird samples, and tons of energy. the more louisville bands from this scene (such as phantom family halo) i am exposed to, the more i wish i could catch a show down there...i imagine a sapat show would be like some kind of psychedelic pagan proceeding. recommended, this is experimental rock at its finest.

get the LP from sophomore lounge records.


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