r.k. haney - numbers (short film)

it's a little minded fact that i am open to all media here on MFOA, and it has been awhile since i have posted some straight up film work. i thought i would take this chance to post the ominous new short 'numbers' by staunton, VA film-maker r.k. haney (also the drummer for virginia garage-sleazers the james badfellows), who also composed the creepy, ambient music for the piece. the film seems to express, in a surrealistic and oblique manner, an ambivalence towards the ubiquitous forms of modern technology that while they connect us, might also irredeemably rob us of some part of our essential humanity. the film has extreme paranoid and claustrophobic vibes. the film features the acting talents of angus carter, whose photography has been featured on several of my albums and who is also a maker of experimental short films.

Numbers from R. K. Haney on Vimeo.

check out more films by r.k. haney here.

freddie nunez - unnatural

i've covered brooklyn musician freddie nunez and his work under the moniker the shark bernard orchestra here before (he also did a trans-atlantic collaboration with glaswegian MFOA favorite lawrence made me cry), and it has been way too long since he has released any new music.

he recently dropped this amazing, understated demo on soundcloud, and i can't get enough of it. low on volume and fidelity, this tune is just a soft electric guitar and two of freddie's beautiful voice wrapping all the way around a classic bedroom pop melody that goes places you wouldn't expect. you'll play it twice or more.

listen to more of freddie's music here and here.

dog of the north - collected: songs of an almost audible variety (summer - winter, 2014 - 2015)

'collected: songs of an almost audible variety (summer - winter, 2014 - 2015)' by alaskan lofi songwriter dog of the north is another contribution that sounds like a diary, albeit a weird one. it's an ambitious 29 songs, ranging from short observations to longer story songs.

there are some subtle yet jarring sonic and atmospheric experiments on here. one is reminded of the representative from corwood industries, and not at all in a contrived way. there is a fragile intimacy at play that rewards repeated spins, at least of slices of this big pie.

get it for free here.

chris jamison - blue melody

'blue melody' is the lead single from chris jamison's new full length album, 'lovecraft'. it features laid-back alt-country vibes and showcases jamison's mellow, golden-toned voice.

i imagine the album has more of that in store.

'lovecraft' will be available here on march 31st.

unqualified nurse - let snarl

derby, uk's unqualified nurse has sent me a few short, brutal EPs over the past few months, and now they have arrived with a debut full length, 'let snarl'.

it features the same lofi blizzard of distortion, reverb, hatred, angst and dread that characterized the short blasts of songs that made up the EPs.

get it for free here.

n. penston - archipelago EP

n. penston's archipelago EP is hard to place. it's partly an instrumental record, it's got an element of american primitivism in the guitar work, an element of new age in the relaxed, meditative vibes, and almost an element of a very organically derived techno in the percussion choices.

then it surprises the listener with moments of what sound like improvisation, and the songs with words are eccentric, psychedelic indie folk. you might have to listen to decide for yourself.

name your price for it here.

hotbreath tea & the invisible branches - these hands are mine

hotbreath tea & the invisible branches is a guitar based pop/rock band based out of joliet, illinois. their latest release comes in the form of a two song download, called 'these hands are mine'.

the sound is whistful and loose-limbed, with big, memorable choruses recalling the classic indie/jangle pop of the late 80's and early 90's. i really enjoy the voice of this group's lead vocalist.

get it for free right here.

the big drum in the sky religion - raw power of myth

big drum in the sky religion is an experimental improv/noise/folk/punk band with shamanistic leanings that records every wildly variable performance (a few of which i have seen). their latest album, 'raw power of myth', is out on michigan label placenta recordings. it's a series of long form noise improvisations, that drone and pulse, like futuristic cave songs beat out with bones on the husk of crashed space shuttle.

some times with music like this it can be hard to get a foothold, but song titles such as 'in wanka ranka there is no east or west' (a super oblique reference to traditional hymns or maybe john fahey), 'jesus was an inside job', '911 is a trickster' and 'a pagan's life is the life for me' give some more clues as to the band's motivations; melding radical politics, old time religion, and ancient, deep wells of primal spirituality with the ecstatic experience of raw noise.

name your price for it here. find out more about the band here.

tapes & tubes - moon & stars

tapes & tubes is the nom de tape of bedroom recording artist austin potter of philadelphia, pennsylvania. the tunes on his latest effort, 'moon & stars' are atmospheric, melancholy, story-songs. instruments and tapes fuzz create vaguely noir backgrounds for potter's up-close, whispery talk singing.

the music has a seriously narrative, cinematic feel to it, more like a modern beatnik radio play than any sort of rock'n'roll.

get it here digitally or on limited edition lathe-cut  7" vinyl.

ben clabault - it's my life

no, this is not a talk talk cover. massachusetts singer/songwriter ben clabault is back with a new tune of day to day drudgery and despair called 'it's my life'. you can check out that and a bunch more on his soundcloud.

if you are down with his lofi, earnest songwriting, give some thought to purchasing his debut album, 'angelita cry'. it's available for $5 in a limited edition of 20 CDs in had printed sleeves (they are dwindling) from the modern folk music of america's newly minted record label, practice records. in fact, ben's album is the inaugural physical release, but there is a ton of COMPLETELY FREE digital stuff for you to wrap your ears around too. check it out here.

suter bay - personal episodes affirm nothing under traditional sentiments

it wasn't too long ago that i covered the first release by harrisonburg, VA's suter bay, 'the great white quail'. they are back with a second short release, 'personal episodes affirm nothing under traditional sentiments'.

the new one is a little grittier and punkier than the last one, with a nice layer of tape sound covering the goings on. the production is starker, favoring garage rock or stripped down sad guy indie folk with a psyched out reverb edge over the eclectic sounds of the last release.

name your price for it here.

JproD - superheroes

i dont' have a whole lot of information about new england based producer/MC JproD (jep roadie), despite the fact that he's sent me several tracks of the years.

he's back with a new jam called 'superheroes', a moody minor key track with a big hook and solid verses. the song composition shows off jep's ability to move fluidly between nu-r&b crooning and spitting.

listen to more from jep here. album out soon?

mike mckenna jr. - travelin man

quebecois singer/songwriter mike mckenna jr. has a vocal grit and inflection and lyrical sensibility that brings a little bit of nashville to montreal, not to mention a down-beatin' roots rock band to back him up. but the swagger of the opening track of his debut EP is not the only speed mckenna runs at.

'travelin man' showcases his songwriting range over it's four songs, from rockers and country twangers to sad bastards and mid-tempo introspection.

name your price for it here.

gareth william schumacher - lion youth

gareth william schumacher is a lofi/bedroom songwriter and recorder from los angeles, who also works as a recording engineer.

his debut album 'lion youth',  features tunes that put a modern indie touch on canyon-y, laid back sounding tales of lost love with some luscious self harmonies. i think his vocation as a recording engineer shows through in some his lofi-classicist production stylings, if your definition of 'classic' is that moment in the late 70's when studio recording for album rock seems to have hit its apex. stream a preview of three tracks below.

'lion youth' will be available soon, here and here.

forest mountain hymnal - s/t

tennessee husband and wife vocal harmony duo forest mountain hymnal has a very despcriptive band name. their songs are tree-shaded, traditionally informed ballads and love tunes, sung with voices and harmonies as silvery as a stream high up in the mountains. at times, they sound like hymns. they also include some interesting woodwinds and other production touches.

this group really does its homework, too, in terms of folk music. they are also hard at work on an album of ballads from the archive of john jacob niles, noted song collector and folk musician, called 'dear balladeer'.

stream it here. check out 'dear balladeer', in progress, here and here.

ameriglow - dream pt. 1 (video)

north carolina based rock band ameriglow has just released a video for their new song 'dream pt. 1', a...dreamy indie rock dirge/requiem for a friend with slight alt-country leanings.

the video is high quality and was put together by greensboro video production firm mechanical eye films, one of the principals of which is my good friend ryan walker.

find out more about ameriglow here. that's a link to their facebook...apparently, ameriglow is so cool, you have to go there and request to be linked to their actual website...pretty exclusive!

attic fowler - s/t

atlanta based southern bedroom jangle popper attic fowler (chris rutledge) has a great record on his hands with his self titled debut. at their hearts, the tunes on this album are great hazy/lazy guitar pop, catchy and memorable.

they stand out because of chris's distinctive southern psych guitar playing and distant, reverby vocals that blend together to create and inviting, honey like warmth. but these atmospherics, as pleasing as they are, would not be effective if the songs themselves were not so well crafted.

get it on limited edition cassette from fall break records. it sounds great this way, i know, because i got one! you can also get it digitally here and here.

spinning clocks - spirits in the juice

spinning clocks is a chicago based experimental/electronic band. their latest EP 'spirits in the juice' is a collection of active soundscapes, full of trippy synthesizers, blip-bopping percussion and acoustic inclusions such as banjo and sitar, to spice things up a bit.

the album contains strange atmospheres that go from spacious to claustrophobic in the space of one song.

get it here.

adam white - on my mind

adam white is a london based singer/songwriter who trades in soft, intricate guitar picking and delivers personal emotions in a distinctive, intimate voice. his latest EP is called 'the age of to and fro'. check out 'on my mind' below.

i thought i would also throw in this video performance of his tune 'relief', which does not appear on the EP.

get 'the age of to and fro' here.

the hunting party - sirens and lights

the hunting party is a 6 piece indie folk band from new york. their new album 'sirens and lights', is due for release in february.

they have released two singles for preview purposes, 'chicago' and 'to be us'. their sound is romantic and swaying, driven forward by piano and the big voice of lead singer/lyricist erica lane, with the addition of harmonies on the swelling choruses.

'sirens and lights' will be available here in february.

gregory mckillop - little demon on the backseat

'little demon on the backseat' by gregory mckillop of worcester, mass listens like a fraught personal diary rendered in catchy, gritty emo/punk/folk, and i like it a lot.

lyrically, the album deals with intense personal and social issues with candor and bravery. musically, it is characterized by energetic pop-punk guitars, snotty singing, and big choruses, with some moments of late-night folk/punk acoustic-ness. i recommend this one.

name your price for it here.

forrest conifer - songs about a girl i don't know anymore

'songs about a girl i don't know anymore' by forrest conifer is somewhat of an archetype of an EP: a sad guy who has had his soul decimated by a bewitching woman sits down in the darkness of his bedroom, a veritable raskolnikov's 'ship's cabin', with a guitar and records songs of heartbreak, loneliness and despair into a broken tape machine.

the tunes are catchy though, book-ended with the clicks of the tape machine's record button, and the story that plays out over the 15 or so minutes is compelling. it sounds like it was therapeutic for forrest to make, maybe it could be for you to listen to. so there you have it.

name your price for it here.

steve palmer - fables of the feral boys + unreleased

minneapolis based guitarist steve palmer had a very auspicious debut with the first CD pressing of his genre-twisting album 'the unblinking sun' on dying for bad music records selling out and getting reviews from the likes of aquarium drunkard. it made my little top ten list for 2014, that's for sure. needless to say i was excited when i received an email this morning indicating that steve had a new release (although i believe it may have been recorded earlier), 'fables of the feral boys + unreleased' out digitally and on cassette on athens, georgia imprint fall break records.

this new effort does not have the percussion of 'the unblinking sun', the kraut rock motorization is nowhere to be found, but it has no less psychedelia. palmer still brings a refreshing level of haze to bear on his american primitive style guitar slinging. it's amazing the shadowy paths that palmer is able to walk down with just a six string steel guitar and a few effects.

get it from fall break right here.

jordan perry and dimitri mikelis - song for guitar and oud

jordan perry is a friend of mine from years ago playing music around the area of harrisonburg, virginia, who i have posted about here before. he has gone on to be an accomplished classical guitar player, using his skills to teach music to kids way over yonder in palestine. when he's not doing stuff like that, he plays in rock bands with long-time collaborators, such as charlottesville, virginia's new boss. jordan recently posted some of his classically influenced guitar recordings on a soundcloud page and i felt like sharing them with you. this first tune features dimitri mikelis on the oud and is a particularly beautiful middle eastern meditation.

these other two short tunes, 'I. andrei' and 'II. casting', played on classical guitar, come from what seems to be a modern, avant-garde approach. the third in that series, 'III. boriska', i posted before, but i will share again for continuity.

listen to a few more here.

t.c. costello - 100 years ago

t.c. costello's '100 years ago' is aptly named...some of the music contained there-in sounds like it could be even older than that. it's folk/punk with an archaic edge.

lots of accordions and horn pipes, and sea-shanty, gypsy and pirate type vibes. there are also bag-pipes, sitar, toy piano and other stuff i'm probably missing. many of the songs are ballads, stories and fables, the lyrical content of which also harkens back to a long gone era. i like the touch of the 'credits' song at the end.

get it here.

jason ray strickland - the things that i believe

'the things that i believe' is a raw, heart-on-the-sleeve folk/punk demo from jason ray strickland, a songwriter from reading, pennsylvania.

at this point, strickland only has rough demos up on soundcloud, but there are many quality folk/punk songs to be heard there. here's to hoping he keep writing and recording. a classic MFOA post.

i also wanted to include this tune called 'richmond, va', because virginia is my home state, and this tune called 'old crow and pall malls', cause, great fucking song title.

listen to more of jason ray strickland's tunes here.

comanche joey - whiskey kids

comanche joey is a psych-o-delic acoustic blues duo out of portland, oregon. their debut EP 'whiskey kids' captures a style of arrangement that is overlooked at times, their vocal harmonies and country blues and folk riffs blend well together in the stark duo format.

i want to break my comparison rule again with comanche joey, because they remind a little bit of bands like hot tuna, holy modal rounders, and the acoustic version of the grateful dead (as in the album 'reckoning' or the beginning of 'bear's choice'), and i like it. i recommend this one.

get the EP here.

anne-marie sanderson - shadows & sparks

anne-marie sanderson is a british singer/songwriter who has made her home in portland, oregon. similar to the last post, her new album 'shadows & sparks' is due out on 2/3/15.

the songs featured there-in are confessional, literary folk, with arrangements that put sanderson's voice to the forefront. her singing is delicate and powerful at once, and marked by flourishes that are accented by subtle instrumental touches.

you can pre-order it here on CD or digitally.

luke janela - the faraway

luke janela is a california based singer/songwriter and cellist. his newest album, 'the faraway', is due for release this february.

janela has an extensive, varied discography under his belt, but the tunes on 'the faraway' are stripped down and folky, trading heavily on the interplay between the cello and guitar, with moments of quiet, whispery intimacy trading off with more upbeat stompers. check out three preview tunes below.

'the faraway' will be available 2/3/15 here and here.

terry turtle - those little devils

terry turtle is best known as the guitar half of industrial/noise/blues duo buck gooter, but he also has an extensive back-catalog of solo recordings under his belt. many of these were released in the past on various physical formats, some of which i am lucky enough to be in possession of.

now, for the first time on the internet, a collection of his songs has been mastered by buck gooter's heavy friend don zientara and thrown up on bandcamp for your digital pleasure. revealing terry's undying love of the blues and inimitable, poetic lyrical perspective, i recommend this collection highly. 'TV evangelist song' is a highlight for me.

get it here.

hurricanes of love - juggalettes don't shave no pubes ('my goddess has a crazy bush' comp)

i thought i would post this track from frank hurricane/hurricanes of love that was recommended to me just now by billy from buck gooter. 'juggalettes don't shave no pubes' doesn't really need need much introduction or explanation, but it was just released on a comp an italian expiremental music collective artetetra called 'my goddess has a crazy bush' that celebrates the hair down there.

also includes tracks from big drum in the sky religion, a noise-folk-incantation band that i've seen a few times, and many other weird bands, including one by billy, under the moniker fucking video.

stream the rest of the comp below.

get it here.

bognor - i disappear

portland, oregon bedroom recording artist bognor takes long lengths of time between songs, and you can hear the meticulous craft in the baroque, depressive synth-pop that results.

'i disappear' is a misty, maudlin tune, heavy on swirling casios, drifty distorted guitar riffs, and dream-like vocals.

name your price for it here.

marcus eads and william csorba - jornada & other yarns

marcus eads and william csorba are two exponents of the current explosion in new guitar soli recordings, both of which i have covered here before. for 'jornada & other yarns', they have gotten together for a split collection, with one brief collaboration, 'intermission', featuring an atmospheric blend of banjo and thumb piano, in the middle.

the album is a long distance collaboration, with csorba residing and recording in texas and eads in minnesota, communicating via telex teleprinter. the results are satisfying, like a coin with equally cryptic and beautiful symbols on both sides.

name your price for it here.

seven thirty seven - a little bit of impatience

buffalo ska-punks seven thirty seven have just released a new EP called 'a little bit of impatience'.

sonically indebted to the bay area sound of the 90's (as evidenced by this straight forward cover of rancid's 'roots radicals'), 'a little bit of impatience' is a blast of energetic, catchy up-strokin' punk rock.

get it here.

dizzy bats - panic attacks (video)

brooklyn pop-punkers dizzy bats are back with a classic looking music video for their high energy single 'panic attacks', from their latest LP 'girls'. the video's burger joint setting and snotty adolescent attitude take me back to the days when catchy pop-punk music like this had a moment on MTV. a moment i enjoyed.

name your price for a digital copy of 'girls' right here.

mallory - to the hollow night

mallory is a far flung collective of musicians, hailing from different continents even, but they got together long enough to record 'to the hollow night', an LP of mystical, anthemic forest-folk.

haunting vocals accompany spacey folk soundscapes that vary from stomping rhythms to wide-angle drones. manages to sound psychedelic with very little electricity.

there are a few ways to get this album...you can name your own price for digital instant gratification right now here. 'to the hollow night' is also available on limited edition cassette from orange-sls records. the vinyl edition, which is not even available until after they finish their winter tour, is already sold out!

joplin rice - low hum

prolific lexington, kentucky based lofi bedroom recording singer/songwriter joplin rice is back, under his own name this time (as opposed to the more stripped down releases under the moniker ezra triste) with an excellent album of fuzzy, personal folk/pop/rock called 'low hum'.

there are catchy melodies and moments of lyrical vulnerability on 'low hum', it's not as dark or shambolic as its epic predecessor 'spine adagio part II and the prince', but in that way it shows rice's growth as a songwriter. and don't get me wrong, its still pretty dark. my favorite moments on this album are when rice lets loose with a fuller production style, such as the sunny jam 'lucky man' or the concise, jealous fuzz rocker 'coffee'. i recommend checking this one out.

name your price for it here. if you pay five bucks or more, you get a five song bonus EP along with it.

andrew d. huber - mercury gets a moon

andrew d. huber is a singer/songwriter from the great plains of the american midwest. his straight-forward, personal folk-rock tunes are earnest and emotional.

his new album 'mercury gets a moon', showcases his songwriting against a varied backdrop, from delicate picking and atmospheric strings to full-on, driving roots rock. check out a few tunes below.

buy the album here.

the clearwings - the outskirts EP

denver, colorado's the clearwings are a guy/girl folk duo with great voices and interesting vocal arrangements. the clearwings weave between natural, well worn harmonies and call and response passages with ease, complimenting the driving rhythms kept up with just a guitar.

their latest recorded effort, 'the outskirts EP', was released this past november, and is a quality showcase for the band's abilities.

get it here, digital or eco-pak CD.

puzzlecuts - like a human being

'like a human being' by michigan based bedroom lofi rockers puzzlecuts is classic DIY indie rock. quiet-to-loud, melodic-to-chaotic, at times brooding, at times snotty.
catchy, angular tunes with big choruses awash in home-recorded fuzziness. i recommend this one. check out the write-up for this on the always on point spacerockmountain, who beat me to it!

name your price for 'like a human being' here.

dodson and fogg - shine (video)

'shine' is a single from the upcoming album 'and when the light ran out' by dodson and fogg, the recording project of UK singer/songwriter and artist chris wade.

'shine' is a moody, dark, folk song propelled forward by hand drums, an ominous melody and snaking lead guitars.

check out the rest of 'and when the light ran out' below:

get it here or here.

luke redfield - the cartographer

'the cartographer' is luke redfield's sixth effort as singer/songwriter, and the time he has put in honing his craft has paid off.

he sounds assured and laid back singing his soft-and-sweet alt-country ballads, and the sparse, competent production is warm and austere at the same time, fitting the material at hand to a tee.

get it here for the low, low price of one dollar.

the show ponies - run for your life

the show ponies are a bluegrass-tinted indie-folk band from LA. their latest EP, 'run for your life', features extra crispy musicianship, with quicksilver runs on the banjo and fiddle.

full drum kit percussion gives some of the songs a barn-shaking stomp, and an array of talented vocalists trade off to keep things interesting, as well as supplying tight down-home harmonies. the rousing title track has the moves of a modern roots anthem.

get the EP here. check out a profile on the show ponies at the excellent hearth music right here.

ali murray - dead forests

i featured the spectral, misty bedroom folk of ali murray here awhile ago, and now murray is back with a new effort titled 'dead forests'.

aptly titled, 'dead forests' is a darker, even more atmospheric release, trading heavily on bleak sonic landscapes and lonely sentiments, with moments of instrumental and emotional heaviness that exceed those found on the previous release.

name your price for it here.

rabbit in the rye - the fox & the farmer (video)

progressive roots band rabbit in the rye is back with a traditionally flavored track performed with modern instrumentation, 'the fox & the farmer'. accompanied by an intimate video filmed in a bucolic hayloft, this tune's old-timey melodies blend perfectly with the warm tones of the electric guitar, bass and laid-back vocal delivery. the song builds to a shuffling crescendo at the end.

get some music from rabbit in the rye here.

jon morgan - a boat to throw my life into

ohio singer/songwriter jon morgan writes in the description of his latest effort 'a boat to throw my life into' that it is 'easily the best album he's ever made'...it's also his debut EP, so i have to imagine that there were many years of bedroom, basement and closet recording sessions that have not seen the light of day.

anyway, the hard work shows on this dark, storming album of earnest folk rock ballads. production varies from guitar and voices to a full band with swirling, distorted lead guitars. a feature that is consistent throughout the album is compelling self-harmonizing and other vocal arrangements.

name your price for it right here.

the whiskey treats - treat yourself

denver, colorado's the whiskey treats make fast paced, high energy, bluegrass inflected good time party music in the folk-punk tradition, as evidenced by 'best day of the year' (recommended drink pairing from the band for this song...dry prosecco?), the preview track/lead single from their debut EP 'treat yourself', which comes out january 15th.

check out the whiskey treats live if you're in the denver area, these folks sound like they know how to have a good time.

pre-order 'treat yourself' here.

tony maynard - nothing i want to talk about

memphis singer/songwriter tony manard's debut album 'nothing i want to talk about' has a bit of the sound of his home town...gritty story songs and bittersweet love songs with touches of the country, rockabilly and blues that made memphis a famous music town.

tony propels his songs with lick-heavy acoustic guitar picking and sparse touches of roots rock production.

get the album here.

the modern sixties - buy me a drink

the modern sixties are a scuzzed up rock act from florida. their first song, 'buy me a drink' (they don't have anything else on the internet but this one tune on soundcloud) is a fuzzy drunken crawler, featuring a swaying pace and psychedelic guitars.

vibes of the strokes here too...something in the water in 2015?

check out their facebook page for more info.

the gloss - the city EP

LA rock band the gloss brings the ultra-modern gritty, grimy urban street glam on their debut EP 'the city'. the songs sound like too many nights out and regretful late mornings with bloody marys and big sunglasses.

the EP's closer, 'bellows', is an especially cool, woozy delirium-tremens slowburner. as you might know if you follow this spot, i try to avoid comparisons in my writing. however, a comparison with the strokes is pretty much unavoidable here, due to the fuzzy, chugging guitars and the singer's distorted, decadent julian casblancas-esque drawl.

name you price for the digital EP here.

p.k. workman - rest easy

'rest easy' is the debut single from singer/songwriter p.k. workman's upcoming EP 'utah sky'.

it's a melancholy song, recorded in a way that gives it a slightly distant and rustic americana atmosphere, with finger style guitar, banjo, and a loping suite of percussion and harmonica that enters halfway through.

'utah sky' will be available february 10th. pre-order it here.

romantic states - vessels of devils

romantic states are a minimalist experimental rock band from baltimore, emphasizing rhythm and melody over instrumental complexity.

their sound is spectral, with live drums and drum machines combined to provide a back beat for reverby guitars and washed out, dream-like vocals in their own version of deconstructed pop/rock songs. check out their last album, 'vessels of devils', released in 2013, below.

romantic states have a brand new self titled album coming out in early february on washington, DC based tape label DZ tapes. in the meantime, name your price for their previous releases here. check out a video for the title track off of 'vessels of devils' below.

matt marble - middle of the air

singer/songwriter matt marble lives in california wine country but he was raised in mississippi, and you can here some of the ancient sediments of that mighty river in his distinctive, deep, knowing voice, which is the star of his rootsy, earnest and at times comedic compositions.

his capable band, sharksleep, provides subtle americana/alt-country arrangements that sometimes touch on the classical to support his heartfelt tunes, complete with barroom piano, moaning fiddles (and other strings) and bright harmonies. i recommend listening to his latest album 'middle of the air', especially because of marbles' better than average voice. 

find out more about matt marble here and here.

enlite ft. valerie broussard - vertigo

'vertigo' by LA based producer enlite, featuring the vocal talents of valerie broussard, is not the typical style of track i get here at MFOA but as is typical with unusual contributions, i like it.

the track has a slow burning groove composed of a sizzurpy slowed down hip-hop vocal sample about getting high over a pounding, reverby drum machine and a sort of psych-metal guitar riff. filling out the atmosphere is valerie broussard's smoky singing.

check out more enlite here and here.


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