the big drum in the sky religion - raw power of myth

big drum in the sky religion is an experimental improv/noise/folk/punk band with shamanistic leanings that records every wildly variable performance (a few of which i have seen). their latest album, 'raw power of myth', is out on michigan label placenta recordings. it's a series of long form noise improvisations, that drone and pulse, like futuristic cave songs beat out with bones on the husk of crashed space shuttle.

some times with music like this it can be hard to get a foothold, but song titles such as 'in wanka ranka there is no east or west' (a super oblique reference to traditional hymns or maybe john fahey), 'jesus was an inside job', '911 is a trickster' and 'a pagan's life is the life for me' give some more clues as to the band's motivations; melding radical politics, old time religion, and ancient, deep wells of primal spirituality with the ecstatic experience of raw noise.

name your price for it here. find out more about the band here.


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