jordan perry and dimitri mikelis - song for guitar and oud

jordan perry is a friend of mine from years ago playing music around the area of harrisonburg, virginia, who i have posted about here before. he has gone on to be an accomplished classical guitar player, using his skills to teach music to kids way over yonder in palestine. when he's not doing stuff like that, he plays in rock bands with long-time collaborators, such as charlottesville, virginia's new boss. jordan recently posted some of his classically influenced guitar recordings on a soundcloud page and i felt like sharing them with you. this first tune features dimitri mikelis on the oud and is a particularly beautiful middle eastern meditation.

these other two short tunes, 'I. andrei' and 'II. casting', played on classical guitar, come from what seems to be a modern, avant-garde approach. the third in that series, 'III. boriska', i posted before, but i will share again for continuity.

listen to a few more here.


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