r.k. haney - numbers (short film)

it's a little minded fact that i am open to all media here on MFOA, and it has been awhile since i have posted some straight up film work. i thought i would take this chance to post the ominous new short 'numbers' by staunton, VA film-maker r.k. haney (also the drummer for virginia garage-sleazers the james badfellows), who also composed the creepy, ambient music for the piece. the film seems to express, in a surrealistic and oblique manner, an ambivalence towards the ubiquitous forms of modern technology that while they connect us, might also irredeemably rob us of some part of our essential humanity. the film has extreme paranoid and claustrophobic vibes. the film features the acting talents of angus carter, whose photography has been featured on several of my albums and who is also a maker of experimental short films.

Numbers from R. K. Haney on Vimeo.

check out more films by r.k. haney here.


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