billy mack collector - city without limits theme song

billy mack collector recently engaged in a pretty cool project that is right up the MFOA alley and makes him live up to the 'collector' in his name: he wrote a song, and before he ever recorded it, he solicited covers from every other DIY/lofi/folk/bedroom recording/travelling punk band he could think to get in touch with. he ended up collecting a total of 95 cover versions of a song that none of the bands/artists covering it had ever heard...a really fun example of one of my favorite phenomenological concepts, simulacrum...a copy without an original.

needless to say, this is just the kind of project that the modern folk music of america exists to promote. i'm gonna be honest and say that i have not listened to all 95 songs on this collection at the time of this post, but i can assure you there is a lot of variety. it isn't just lofi guitar guys at early as the third track we are treated to a rap song that expands extensively on the concept. there are techno versions, spoken word. found sound collages? fuck yeah. and stuff i didn't get around to that you can discover yourself.

it's free, get it here. i encourage you to read what billy wrote about it at the bottom of the bandcamp page.


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