crown larks - blood dancer

crown larks are a chicago experimental/art rock band that create swirling, sprawled out psychedelic songs that drone and moan. their new album 'blood dancer' is due out april 15th, but a preview track, 'blood mirage', is streamable now.

it begins with a hazy stoner dirge, underpinned by impressionistic saxophone wailing, that gives way to a kraut-rock inspired freakout with the uptick of a classic 'motorik' drum beat. this is a good indication that the rest of the record could be a real barn burner.

you can pre-order it on vinyl, cassette, or CD here. i feel like this one would sound hot on the deluxe 150 gram vinyl that is being offered. it seems like chicago has no shortage of great bands pumping out heavy, psych tinged, expansive rock and roll these days.


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