greg twail/brother - everything is fine

i have received thousands of emails for MFOA, but greg twail sent the sparsest yet. it was just his bandcamp links, and the subject line said something like 'hey, this is stuff i made'. and i liked that. it does get old reading through flowery, obviously self written bios/fluff jobs detailing some songwriter's trip to california (why is that always what they write about?). remember, i post everything i get as long as the person who made it sends it, so don't strain yourself writing about your time in the desert or whatever. maybe that's what it takes to get other sites to write about you, but MFOA is not other sites...that's the point.

greg's tunes are down the classic line of MFOA contributions. lofi, one-man-band, bedroom indie folk with a bit of a psychedelic edge and some pop hooks here and there. greg is from lexington kentucky and is friends with fellow lexingtonian and MFOA favorite joplin rice.

greg also records under the name brother, a project for which he has a self titled full length available.

everything by greg is name your price. get brother here, get his solo stuff here.


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