the sound of shellac - scandanavian shellac

norwegian folk musician, traditionalist and archivist c. strom has been hard at work, because it has only taken him a few weeks to release another installment of his project 'the sound of shellac', analog recordings of him playing back his personal collection of 78's on his 50's era phillips radio cabinet (i wrote a bit about how cool i think that is here).

note: this might not be exactly what c. strom's record player looks like

this collection, 'scandanavian shellac', presents a group of records originating from his northern european home region and makes for a cool, eye-opening listen, especially for those of us, like me, who have never heard any music like this before.

name your price for it here. grab some of c. strom's original music (recommended) over at the wonderful free music archive or in physical form from dying for bad music records.


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