borrowed beams of light and new boss - split cassette

i've been excited for this cassette from funny/not funny records, run by good dudes from my home town of harrisonburg, virginia, for awhile, because it represents my first chance to hear fully formed tunes from new boss, which is a collective of harrisonburg and charlottesville musicians i came up watching play and playing shows with. i am also excited for the side from borrowed beams of light, who have a solid reputation for innovations in lofi indie-rock melodies.

a tape is on the way, but the following tracks are available for preview:

new boss's 'last try' is all fuzzed up power-pop swagger, with vocals that have just a little more soulful roger daltry-esque croon than you'd expect to accompany the lofi production (same as the old boss?) and the perfect amount of big guitar wailing. this contrasts heavily with borrowed beam's 'long necked wife', which features a slippery, harmonized melody over a hazy synth-scape that somehow combines the vibes of world music with a cure-like, moody gothiness.

pre-order the cassette here.


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