crusasis - beacon series 2

i really dug the last release i covered by new york band crusasis, a punishing, crusty blues rock venture called 'lilac woman' that reminded me of the best low-down japanese psych blues revival bands. they have a new album out, called 'beacon series 2'.

'beacon series 2' seems to be a slight change of pace. it has a hazier, more distant feel. the music is still nasty psych blues that celebrates the guitar, it's just slower and a bit more out of focus. there are even some meditative acoustic numbers, which if i recall correctly i have not heard from this band before. the way in which this album takes the psych-blues in a more dreamy, at times folky direction reminds me of little known british 60's act medicine head, an also-ran of the british blues revival but one of my (and john peel's) favorites. i'd grab this one, and burn a doob before you play it!

crusasis also tours with francie moon, a fellow guitar slinger who specializes in heavy blues rock shredding. name your price for 'beacon series 2' and more here.


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