jim guittard - guittard tapes 2

jim guittard has presented me with an MFOA first that i'm pretty excited about...he is my first contributor so fucking prolific that instead of an EP or albums he linked me to multiple soundcloud feeds...like 5 of them...because that's what it takes to contain his output. obviously, there is way more here than i can honestly say i or likely will listen to, but the one he seemed to want featured was 'guittard tapes 2'. it represents the contents of ten years worth of 4-track tapes he had recorded from 1993-2004 and recently recovered from storage. he invites listeners to 'find a gem'.

i'll tell you that finding a gem is very possible. the music is mostly lofi guitar riffing and songwriting with sound collages, some electronics and drum machines here and there. but as you cruise down the feed, songs begin to take shape. frequent readers will know i hate to compare, but: early guided by voices. i'll share a few favorites.

and this weirdly inspired cover of 'the letter'

check out more here. look for the other soundcloud feeds.


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