luciana bass - improvised guitar pieces

'improvised guitar pieces' by luciana bass is another release from pan y rosas discos, the forward thinking chicago based net label that releases far out experimental music from around the world. the set presented here is no exception. the album pushes the boundaries of guitar, and i say that having listened to tons of weird guitar music for this site.

there are some tape loops and an 'air extractor' (i have no idea what that is) in the background to flesh things out, but the meat of this set is the spontaneous, playful and surprising ways in which luciana interacts with her guitar. she makes it drone, squeak, chatter, grind, cry, moan, and there's even snatches of bent melody at times. what impresses me most is how organic and animal-like the sounds she can extract from the instrument are. press play and observe the results.

download it for free here.


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