nat lyon - five-meter intervals

connecticut artist nat lyon creates strange noise-pop-folk soundscapes in the hinterlands of connecticut. reading the bio on his website, i was introduced to a new term: 'swamp yankee'...which i'm guessing is like a hillbilly but north of the mason-dixon line or something.

lyon's music has elements of punk, noise and anti-folk (that most in his flat, talky vocal delivery), but the heaviest element to my ears is the crisply recorded drums, found sound samples, and densely layered psychedelic guitars, both of which i am digging. nate's tunes are eclectic and experimental if you enjoyed pulco, you'll like this too. this song 'tazzer' is really cool and reminds me a lot of r. stevie moore.

his latest thing is called 'five-meter intervals' name your price for it here.


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