nathan golub and wood ear - nothing in return

finishing the marathon run of posts i've done today is another split cassette release, by north carolina artists nathan golub and wood ear (nate tarr). the brief release only has three songs, golub's longform composition 'liberty drive in' taking up all of side a - it's a really great song that combines elements of american primitive guitar and psych rock in a really pleasing way.

it almost sounds like a stretched out, impressionistic version of a country song...golub adds plodding, brushed drums and layers of shimmery, drony, guitars, including pedal steel, to his acoustic picking, and takes the combo through some interesting changes. the wood ear side features similar expansions on the sound of the finger picked guitar, substituting, low humming organs for the drums, but bringing golub in to add that bucolic pedal steel. i recommend this one.

get it here. get the cassette here from GFR tapes.


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