the landseers - wasted

the landseers are a trans-atlantic musical collaboration that reminds you what the internet is actually good for. bringing together the creative energies of welsh lofi artists pulco and sweet benfica with like minded stateside collaborator nat lyon through digital file sharing, the landseers create catchy, fuzzed up tunes that expand on the visions of the principals.

the two songs on their new effort 'wasted' have a psychedelic, slacker vibe, heavy on hazy vocals and jangly, ringing guitars. the joy of collaboration being experienced by these songwriters who tend to be solitary creators can be heard as they trade verses and riffs. i really enjoy a lyric in the title track that goes something like 'your vision is hard to monetize/and dreaming is not economically wise'...i reckon if you are reading this there is a good chance you can relate to that right now. i think MFOA might be the definition of hard to monetize.

speaking of money, get it for FREE here.


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