the modern folk 'american mountain' cassette release on nocturnal reign

sorry, but i have to talk about my own music for a minute. my band, the modern folk, which, perhaps confusingly, shares a name with this website/blog/whatever, released an album awhile back called 'american mountain''s a collection of songs inspired by my love of appalachia and it's traditional music. i have deep roots in appalachian virginia and i have walked the spine of those mountains from georgia to maine. i have been attempting to express those feelings through recorded music in a way i can get behind for over 10 years, and with 'american mountian', i finally feel a little like i got it right. even the graffiti on the cover is appalachian folk art to me, but that is a long story.

so, i was really happy when my friend brian weaver, of brutal mountain black metal band salvaticus, agreed to re-release it in a limited edition of deluxe, hand numbered cassettes as the second release, behind the debut from salvaticus, on his label, nocturnal reign. i'm really happy with the songs on this tape and the tape itself, and i'm humbled that nocturnal reign was willing to release it.

stream it below:

buy it here from nocturnal reign.


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