baby jesus - s/t

the richmond, virginia based psych-rock fiends at ongakubaka records have just announced the pre-order of their third tape, and that is great news for fans shroomed up rock'n'roll. this new jam is by a swedish band called baby jesus (why didn't i think of that?) and they tear shit up from the floor to the ceiling right out of the gate.

their music is an all out psychedelic party rock assault, recorded in a very lofi manner with drilling organ and snotty vocals at the front backed up by frantic drumming, those twanging, foreshortened, familiar guitar solos and an ever present tambourine. if you're like me and spend a lot of time on youtube watching bands like the seeds and the chocolate watchband and the monks in their mesmerizing, sometimes funny TV spots on the 'hip' shows of the 60's, you could really imagine baby jesus wrecking one of those soundstages with their big silk shirts and psychedelic thomas jefferson wigs blowing in the wind. tapes are limited to 100, so get on it. my favorite OR release to date for sure. it isn't fully released yet so check out some preview tunes for now below.

get it here.


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