crown larks - blood dancer

i wrote about the advance single, 'blood mirage' from chicago band crown larks' new album 'blood dancer' awhile back and i am excited to get my ears on the full length release. crown larks absorb influences from the whole spectrum of krautrock and combine that with american psychedelia, noise rock, free jazz and experimentation to create a rhythmic, lysergic experience.

crown larks' songs luxuriate in their grooves and reach for the outer cosmic corners while the rhythm section keeps it grinding on the ground. these songs are trips in every sense. woodwinds and horns provide moments of noir atmosphere when they aren't in the middle of a full-on interstellar freak out. check out a recent interview with crown larks in impose magazine to learn more about their process, history and influences.

one of the many things that i appreciate about 'blood dancer' is that it is available on a variety of digital and analog formats, which really works for a record that was made with as much intensity and attention to detail as you can hear on this one. get it on vinyl, cassette, CD or digital here.


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