david ivan neil - new country home

british columbia resident david ivan neil is a classic MFOA contributor, a prolific lofi bedroom composer of off-center personal songs, musical sticky notes plastering the walls of the heads of those of us who make this solitary pursuit our favorite hobby or obsession. since i count myself among those, i always love to hear stuff like this.

david's music is sparse and wry, consisting mostly of choppy strummed guitar, stark piano melodies, and a slackery, reverby vocal delivery. there are a few other instruments at times, such as banjo and harmonica. all these parts go well together. one thing i like about his newest album 'new country home' is that many of the songs seem to be about being a dad. you can even hear the voices of his kids in the background (and foreground!) of some of the songs.

name your price for it here.


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