c. strom - solitary instrumental confinement

i was very excited somewhere in the haze of last night (i got into the whiskey...i ended up laying on my back listening to records on 'the good headphones'...you know) to receive another email from norwegian musician and archivist c. strom, who you might remember most recently from his ghostly, enchanting 'sound of shellac' project, where he recorded playbacks of some of his collection of old 78's on tape for a mystical effect. this time he sent me some more of his own music, a collection he calls 'solitary instrumental confinement' and describes as 'songs from various sources and of different times in the same manner and in the same person'.

as the title suggests, it's a collection of mostly instrumental songs, a few accompanied by strom's deep voice, recorded in stark, lofi tape recorder style, bookended with that familiar click of operation. the set has songs from strom's native norway as well as a few american folk songs, performed on banjo, guitar, and air organ. i really can't say enough how much i enjoy c. strom's work, i play his album 'i have heard of a land' frequently, and i recommend everyone get the beautifully hand packaged cassette edition of that from dying for bad music records, as well as downloading this stunning new effort.

name your price for this here. c. strom also has set available for streaming and download over at phoning it in, a very cool podcast/blog that i just found out about.


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