nate henricks - the quest for the obsolete egg

i was very happy to receive a new release from nate henricks recently. this prolific kansas based bedroom noise-pop guru can't seem to stop putting out albums of swirling spaced out power-pop pastiche, each one weirder and wilder than the next. his latest is called 'the quest for the obsolete egg'.

it features all the elements nate has fused together to form a signature sound...patches of songs with cartoonish keyboard riffs and sound collage effects, heavy stoned jammers, and catchy power-pop melodies. there is even something here i don't think i've ever heard from nate: an excellent laid back space-country ballad in the form of 'mowin' em down at the roller derby' that features some weird fiddle playing. the album's closing track is some strange, at least in context, instrumental chuck berry riffage. i think i detect some frank zappa conceptual moves afoot on this album. the whole proceeding is recommended for repeat spins.

get it here.


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