josh smith - a few songs

folk/punker josh smith didn't provide me with a whole lot of information, but he did provide me with a whole lot of soundcloud links. there is so little info i had to screen capture the picture below (thank you soundcloud for not hosting pictures properly...score another point for bandcamp. i can't emphasize it enough...get a bandcamp). he found my site via jason ray strickland, another singer/songwriter in the folk/punk mold from pennsylvania, so i'm guessing that's where josh is from as well.

the music contained on josh's soundcloud is classic folk punk. roughly sung, heavily strummed songs of woe and regret, of lost love and found drugs. there are a few songs recorded with a full band arrangement too which are my favorites, late 80's/early 90's type punk rock. in the full band context, josh's singing is very reminiscent of mike ness.

listen to more here.


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