pulco - the rodeo EP

i was going to wait until welsh lofi auteur pulco's (AKA ash cooke) new work 'the rodeo EP' was officially released to write about it, but i found myself listening to it this morning and not wanting to wait, cause i really like it. the opening track is a lofi-pysch-country jammer...it somehow sounds exactly like a welsh rodeo. a native of great britain interpreting americana is something i love, be it ray davies singing a love song to rural america on what i consider his magnum opus, muswell hillbillies, or thin lizzy rocking in the rodeo on 'cowboy song'...there is something special about it.

the rest of the rodeo EP is pulco at his best, vaguely maintaining the americana theme, but of course messing around with it, combining a well developed skill at sweet lofi indie rock melodies with a restlessness for experimentation and an obsession with the cut-up technique pioneered by brion gysin and william burroughs. i really love the second track, 'slow trem - low', as well.

the EP will be available here in june.


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