zach phillips - the heisenberg awards

zach phillips seems to have an anti-internet point of view (i don't blame him) and there isn't a lot of his music streaming. he's posted a tune from his latest album 'the closest exit may be behind you' for preview purposes, but you're gonna have to buy a physical copy of it to hear much more, and i find myself recommending that you do.

recorded with 'monophonic guitar', (all strings tuned to the same note, i think) this is some lyrically complex, mellowly psychedelic, melodically advanced bedroom non-pop...made unique by the strange vibes of the monophonic guitar and minimal online presence, which in and of itself is intriguing in today's world.

get it here. zach also runs the offline, not for profit record label osr tapes, which is worth looking into. order their catalog here.


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