adam hill - old paint

adam hill is a musician and composer from squamish, british columbia. though he works in many different genres, he sent me his shot at traditional styled folk music, 'old paint'. it's an album that slaps and thrums with old-time energy. adam has added a few unique touches as well, such using a cello for the lines that might usually be played on a fiddle in this type of music, giving some the songs a very ominous tone that to my ear is fitting for these haunting mountain tunes. there is a deft hand put to some old reels as well, such as the lovingly worn standard 'soldier's joy', which is done here in a great version with a slight nod to the classical.

i have to note that on the bandcamp page, credit was given to the canadian government for providing some funds to help make the album. see, in civilized countries, the government subsidizes artists, breaking off a little slice of the money they use to develop new ways to kill and subjugate people and pay themselves large salaries and give large conglomerates all their taxes back to help promote the arts. australia does it too. i noticed the same type of acknowledgement on the back cover of the badass new courtney barnett LP.

i guess i'm done ranting about that...check out 'old paint'.

there is a tune on here called 'bentonville blues' that takes wal-mart to task over its labor relations policies. get the album here.


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